Bend it like a pro

Tubeworx is a unique offering; a company that manufactures and bends tubes for a variety of industries including automotive.  It’s not something you can communicate easily, since the applications of the service can be used across so many industries. It’s resulted in a WA mining contract and Defence Force Contract that significantly exceeded the amount spent on advertising.

TV4ME has a history of showcasing local diverse companies, so JCA jumped at the chance to story board and script a three-minute video to show Tubeworx to potential clients.

The result is that every time the video is on air, the phone at Tubeworx rings!

It’s resulted in a WA mining contract and Defence Force Contract that significantly exceed the amount spent on advertising.

“Our experience with John Cochrane Advertising is amazing.  When we met with John, we had an issue with trying to get our brand exposure.   John understood the barriers that we were experiencing and suggested that we try TV, but more specifically TV4ME.   John arranged everything and managed it seemlessly.  We were really happy with the result! TV4ME gave us national exposure for our business. Our return on investment has far exceeded our expectations. We were able to reach every point of our target market without it costing us the world. Long after the ad had finished, we were still getting calls from it. We have tried magazines, newspapers and radio. But nothing gave us the results like TV4ME. Our business would not have grown as fast or to the size it is today, if we did not engage John Cochrane Advertising.” Technical Development Manager – Tubeworx


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