A Success Story

Success Story JCA

John Cochrane Advertising’s digital media strategy boosted sales for an emerging Australian caravan & camping retailer

Traditional and digital media are a big part of what we do at John Cochrane Advertising. This case study will walk you through an integrated campaign that leveraged off audience lookalikes, meshed into traditional media all with the end user in mind.

What we did

In January 2018, one of our clients came to us wanting to increase their sales from the previous 2 years for a sale that they were having, we were glad to help – we do love a challenge.

Significant Challenge

The difficulty we had was a four-week lead time. But that was ok, like I mentioned above, we do love a challenge. We got started immediately on content strategy and what options would be best. We provided the client with advice on spend and purchased all the media.

Satisfying Solution

We then went about executing that strategy that we knew would best suit given the situation. We set about creating mock ups of how the whole campaign would look across the various suggested media platforms, keeping in mind we only had four weeks. It was important that the same message was being delivered across all mediums.

The sale launched in February 2018 with all parts of the strategy connecting and working well.

Substantial Benefits

  • Exceeded the client’s sales from the first year by 25%
  • Tested a new medium of media that hadn’t been used before with much success.
  • Across all digital channels, we received a total of 281,827 impressions
  • Collected data along the way for learnings
  • Increase in not only foot traffic but also online
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